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29 Kills
99 Damage

67 pts.

This Attempt
67pts. (Fantastic!!!)


Support Mob Stats

Support mobs killed 26 enemies.
Support mobs also died 4 times.

Special Mob Kills

A total of 2 special mobs were killed.

Creeper Explosions

Creepers exploded 1 times.
1 players/friendly mobs were affected.

Iron Golem Support
2 Purchased


One respawning iron golem will fight with you. It does high damage while being very slow. Summons do 5% of normal damage to bosses. Buy twice for bonus speed, greater regeneration, and bash.
x1 pts.
Snow Golem Support
2 Purchased


Two respawning snow golems will fight with you. They do low projectile damage. Summons do 5% of normal damage to bosses. Buy twice for triple the projectiles, speed, and greater regeneration.
x1 pts.
TNT Cannon Support
1 Purchased


Allows the use of the castle's cannons for firing a barrage of TNT. Mobs will randomly drop the TNT item needed to shoot all of the cannons. Drop rate is 1% per mob. Chance increased by Looting.
x1 pts.

Match ID: #0
Duration: 84 sec.
11/13/19 8:54 PM