What is the arena?
The arena is a place for players to test their hard-earned builds in a competitive setting filled to the brim with mobs. Player gear is unbreakable, dying has no penalties, and there are a lot of possible arena mods to make even unexpected builds possible. Upon completion of a run, scores are tallied and stored on our server for your further review.

How do I enter?
Simply go to spawn (‘/spawn’ or ‘/s’), Walk toward the red airship to the right, and type’ /mobarena’ (or ‘/ma’) to spawn the arena transport ship. If a match is in progress, you will not be able to start a new run, but you can type ‘/mobspec’ to watch the run until it ends.
You are only permitted to have 3 additional items besides your (equipped) armor and your offhand tool (also equipped). Make sure you bring the best items possible for your build before you join the arena. Some items are also banned in the arena. You will receive a message if you attempt to bring one in.

What are arena mods? What are shopping tokens?
Arena mods are purchased in the arena’s lobby. They modify the game by changing the scenario to the player’s desire. You can purchase consumables, new gear, and a host of other map modifiers.
Shopping tokens are used to buy arena mods. By default, you start with 6. You can purchase up to 6 more for your run for 100c each via any of the shops (at the top of their menus). Arena mods list their price at the bottom of their description.

What are arena quests?
Once per day you will get a quest in the arena. Usually it’s a quest to play a certain mod or achieve a certain feat. In order to get progress for mod quests, simply play for a decent duration. After lasting long enough in the arena with a special mod, you will be rewarded with a loot box that you can collect at the spawn mailbox. Arena quests reset when the server restarts (7:00 AM EST).

How do normal mob waves work?
Normal mob waves are divided into 3 groups based on the colors white, then yellow, then red. As you kill mobs from that group, mobs from the next group will start appearing. When you kill 100 of the first two groups, that group will no longer spawn. Red groups continue to spawn after 100 kills, but they gain massive strength bonuses with every 100 killed. After every 100 kills, boss(es) will spawn.
The game checks every few seconds for a mob count number that is less than the arena capacity. If the arena is below capacity at that point, spawn triggers kick in and will create enough mobs to hit that cap. The more players that are in a run (even if they die), the higher the arena’s max capacity. Special Waves have a constraint that increases the capacity for that wave only to allow for a sufficient amount to spawn.

How are the normal and special mob waves organized?
Mob waves are divided up into 3 groups. White mobs are essentially vanilla mobs with modified stats. Yellow mobs are vanilla mobs with a custom loot item and modified stats. Red mobs have multiple custom abilities and heavily modified stats.
Special mobs are specific groups of mobs that synergize together. When a special wave occurs, only the special mobs within the chosen group can spawn.

How do special waves work?
Unless turned off, special waves are randomly selected like normal waves. However, due to the increased capacity of special waves, they can spawn in situations where normal waves cannot.
Special mobs color code to the current difficulty that the player is on and gain health bonuses with higher difficulties.

How do bosses work?
Bosses spawn every 100 kills in the arena. After you kill 200 red mobs, multiple bosses will start spawning, up to 3 at once after 300 kills. Bosses are very dangerous and need to be dealt with strategically.
Bosses usually have 1 innate ability unique to them as well as 1-5 random abilities that are taken from other mobs. You can see what abilities they have by reading their boss bar when they spawn. To learn more about mob abilities, ask ingame. A separate wiki page for mob abilities will eventually be constructed.

How does the arena’s time system work?
Mobs dying increases the time limit in the arena. The higher the mob’s difficulty, the more time added per kill. Projectile (arrow) kills add half the time a melee kill does. Boss mobs always add a flat 10 seconds to the arena timer, making them desirable when on low time. Once the timer reaches zero or all participants die, the run will be over.

How are points calculated?
Points are calculated using the player’s damage dealt, damage taken (under certain circumstances), and kills statistics. This is then subtracted by the amount of time spent in the arena. Finally, the score is multiplied by the level of difficulty reached. The exact numbers are hidden to avoid potential abuse.

My score is low or ‘0’ despite killing and dealing/taking damage
Because of the way scoring works, you may notice players who die early in the run, despite having kills and damage, have low to 0 points. As the run drags on, players that die off early are considered inconsequential to the run’s success. The time spent in an arena run is subtracted equally from everyone’s tally, even those that died well before the run ended.

How does the post-match stats page work?
When a match is finished, if it lasted a certain time frame, it will be stored permanently on our server. Otherwise it is set to a temporary match and will be deleted when another temporary match occurs. To save a match history, right-click the ID and copy the link address.
The attempt bar points are an approximate average of all the participants’ scores. This number determines rewards post-match, not individual points. The attempt bar progress is just for bragging rights; it is a comparison made against all previous arena runs.
The special statistic showcase is mostly random. The only guaranteed stat to show is “Support Mob Stats” if a support mob mod is purchased. The rest are randomly selected if they are relevant.

The arena is hard, help!
The arena is meant to have a difficulty for all player skill and gear levels. It is not feasible to expect to do well at first. Learn what the mobs in the arena do by visiting the Adventure World. If you are having trouble creating a build, ask other players for assistance. Try using arena mods that add more benefits to you.

Last Updated: February 6, 2019