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Patch 35 - Reborn Again about 1 year ago
Patch notes are being collected for such a big update and will be posted soon.

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Before the server launches in the next few days, I thought we'd post the items that are currently being changed for patch 35.
Item Changes:
Added attack recovery to most items, companions, and attributes that increase damage or provide an effect on hit. This means that added damage/effects only apply if you can swing at full recovery.
Attack recovery checks are now optimized, more frequent, and more forgiving.
-Previously, even at 100% recovered on the player's screen, the game may not have checked recently enough and would not count the attack as full power.
Rare loot, including drops indicated with a ✩, can no longer be destroyed when dropped via cactus, explosion, lava, etc.<...

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New Forums! about 1 year ago
With the new server content releasing soon, and our old wiped server box (which once again means we had to start our forum clean), I present to you the new forums for Dissident Powers. They will look more beautiful later. For now, they will be expanded for features rather than than form.


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New Forums!
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bounty bug (Blitzkrieg)
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Patch 35 - Reborn Again
by Parrothead
about 1 year ago

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